electr-ohm compilation 1 / V.A.
TCCD-20062 (CD only)
6th November 2006 Release $16.00 (incl.World Wide Shipping from Japan)
01 : Instrumental / Sunao Inami (jp)
02 : Niflheim / Empusae (be)
03 : sak / in center of circle (jp)
04 : Extra Terrestrial / Noize Creator (de)
05 : Nocturnal waves / Flint Glass (fr)
06 : cut / nOriyOshi (jp)
07 : R-IO / symphony space (jp)
08 : Sperre Drei / Enzym (de)
09 : Legacy of Mangler / Sunao Inami (jp)
10 : a circle and a triangle / Yumi Matsui (jp)
11 : acdeefhlmmnoooprsty / Daisuke Ohkoshi (jp)
12 : Fear event killing all people in Grand Theft Auto / ANATOMICA (jp)
13 : Norma / LITH (fr)
14 : tam / in center of circle (jp)
15 : hymenaea protera / wg@eet (nl)
16 : LCR / symphony space (jp)

Total Time 65:00

Connexion Bizarre (pt)

cuemix magazine (de)

ALIEN (sk)

Organized by Sunao Inami (CAVE Studio/electr-ohm/C.U.E.)
Artwork and Sound Mastering by Sunao Inami

Released 2006 by electr-ohm

Sunao Inami (jp)

Sunao started working with synthesizers when he was 13 years old.
He has a huge knowledge of analog and digital synthesis and is a key figure in the field of wavetable synthesis. After playing in the post-new wave band CONTROLLED VOLTAGE in the early '90s, he built his own Internet servers and started creating improvised electronic music.
In 1998, his 1st album was released by the Belgian label, SubRosa.
In 2000, he participated in the Y.M.O. (Yellow Magic Orchestra) remix project "TECHNOPOLIS 2000-00".
Sunao has toured extensively in the past year, performing in Europe, the U.S. and Taiwan with other musicians and dancers, and around Japan.
He also performs twice monthly in a live studio webcast series entitled "Live from Far East" and has done over 70 such webcast gigs since 2002.
He runs CAVE Studio, his own label "electr-ohm" and the electronica/noise label and shop "C.U.E. Records" in Kobe.
And he appears with the legendary Japanese band AUTO-MOD at Kobe Underground Festival.
He is organizing series event at Apple Store in Osaka & Nagoya,it called "mindscapes".

website: http://www.cavestudio.com
Myspace: http://www.myspace.com/sunao

Empusae (be)

With the complexity of the music, it may surprise you to find that Empusae
is actually a project created by a single man, Nicolas Van Meirhaeghe aka
Sal-Ocin. Empusae exercises a surreal science of structure that throbs and
pulsates in an almost obsessive manner. The music is almost suggestive of a
mechanical assembly line in its clock work clunks and clangs. It builds into
a tense, yet haunting soundscape and rivets itself into the memory and
refuses to be forgotten. It is serious music who's architecture has formed
for itself a solid foundation, rather than sounding as if its trying to tear
itself apart!


in center of circle (jp)

Kobe based electronic music artist.
He is core member of the regular event it called Vacant Room at Club Otoya.
He played with a lot of domestic or over sea electronic artists at there by under the name of his solo unit , Seishin Chuou.

Noize Creator (de)

Stefan Senf aka Noize Creator was born in the year ofPunk 1977 near Dresden in the former GDR. Around 88/89 he started to experiment with music and sound, firstly by abusing turntables and tapedecks.
After those early experiences he got interested in all kinds of electronic music, especially in the harder styles like hardcore techno and breakbeats. Already in 1993 he had first public appearances local clubs and on illegal parties taking place everywhere during that time.
Afterwards he got busy with all related issues. Ideas of his own brought him to producing his first tracks in 1994. In 1995 he released his first 2 vinyl EPs on the labels "Juncalor Records"
and "Brutal Chud" (out of his hometown Dresden). Not only as DJ,also as Live Act Noize Creator started to be constantly playing shows in Germany and Europe,1997 even as far as Japan for first Live PAs. For realising very own ideas and releasing acts he met Noize Creator founded his own label "Suburban Trash Industries" in 1998, which involves several Subdivisions like "Bohnerwachs","Russian Roulette" and the very new "Dirty Dancing". Noize Creator first entered US in 1999 and came back in 2002 for a tour together with DJ Scud to present his 12"+ CD on "Ambush Records".
Today "Suburban Trash Industries" is more than just a platform for various artists, in 2005 a distribution and online mailorder for other labels started and will hopefully grow in the future to help other electronic labels on the harder edge. The artist Noize Creator always
goes on in defining his style. In his early days he was mostly into hardcore techno and the early breakcore scene, later on he also started first experiments with all kind of strange electronic sounds and styles,but always to mix it with his, in the meantime, well known "Noize Creator Cut Up Style".
The future will lead into even more variation, when it comes to cooperation with media artists like Eberhard Havekost from Berlin or works for and with visual media like live video screenings or interactive material. You should have a close look on him, one never know where he will appear next. But be sure it will be mind-blowing.

website: http://suburbantrash.c8.com
Myspace: http://www.myspace.com/noizecreator

Flint Glass (fr)

Flint Glass is a French project by Gwenn Tremorin, manager of the experimental industrial label Brume records.

His first album was described by critics as representing some of the most innovative styling towards rhythmic noise and dark ambient genres. This is a dark recording, staying clear of the crisp, punchy approach in the vein of artists such as Mlada Fronta or Ah Cama Sotz.

Coldness and warmth are constantly fighting for predominance and the quasi-total absence of vocals makes it an extremely visionary record which would be a perfect match for a number of movie soundtracks portraying scenarios varying from post apocalyptic to foggy northern woods, from lunar landscapes to horror aberrations.

Deeply disturbing, unequivocally enjoyable and morbidly relaxing.

Flint glass approach a different angle to the rest of artists in this genre, also as the music is gated in parts, especially when you feel this should be hitting you over the head with a slab of granite !

Website: http://www.flint-glass.com

nOriyOshi (jp)

He Started live gigs at Club Otoya (Kobe) in 2002. he use MPC 2000XL and Clavia Nordlead 3 mainly for live gig and recordings.His music is techo based, but it covered minimal,experimental etc.
And also, he play DJ in club events now.

symphony space (jp)

I began my musical activities in the Symphony Space in 2002. I have performed many live concerts mainly in Kyoto, Osaka, Kobe.
In the event "Vacant Room" in Otoya,Kobe, I played with many Japanese and foreign artists. I participated in the conspirationalbums "GLEAM A FICTITIOUS MUSEUM 01," "Echo," and "Refrection" in the label Enmu interactive(www.enmu.jp) of Metalob. The instruments I use are Korg,Triron and
Powerbook. The softwares I use are chiefly Logic and Reaktor 5. I think that the pause between the sounds is very important. My performance is filled with original beats.

Enzym (de)

Co-founder of Bohnerwachs Tontraeger in 1999.
His debut EP was released on Suburban Trash the same year. Enzym creates so called "Frickelsound" using f.e. an A100, the Doepfer Regelwerk and VAZ.

Sauber & Trocken (CDr) Bohnerwachs Tontraeger 1997
Untitled (10") Bohnerwachs Tontraeger 1999
Megaabgefahrenespacesounds EP (12") Suburban Trash Industries 1999
Deep Baerbel (12") Bohnerwachs Tontraeger 2003
ABV / Rebesonderstrocken (7") Bohnerwachs Tontraeger 2004
Die Maus Mit Der Grashalmflöte (Noize Creator Remixes) (7")
Bohnerwachs Tontraeger 2004
Fleischgericht (CD) Bohnerwachs Tontraeger 2004
Schrank (12") Bohnerwachs Tontraeger 2004
and more..

Myspace: http://www.myspace.com/enzymmusic 

Yumi Matsui (jp)

I was born in the place where the mountain in Kyoto was deep in the winter of 1986,
enclosed by the river and the mountain, and grew up.
I came to feel music familiar by starting the piano at the age of five.
I began to capture bird's sound that the singing voice and rain fall as a rhythm accompaniment at this time.
I began to be interested in playing musical instruments but the effect sound production,
and to learn the effect sound production in 2004,
I entered the Kobe electronic vocational school.
I record a natural sound, acquire the production method of the edit
and the processing gradually, and am producing with the sound as the
material collected in various places and situations.
I am acting as a sound of theatrical company "Chiriakuta" now.

theatrical company "Chiriakuta" http://chiriakuta919.fc2web.com

Myspace: http://www.myspace.com/honeinu 


We brothers (happysadcore&oni-chikushow) are acting based on Osaka Japan. Our belief is a sound with a thing to make the unknown roused and a complex, mental sound and image.
The sound is only a mediation in creativity.
The categorizing is a summary of a consequential technique.
The consideration caught in them makes the sensibility cowardly and dulls the reaction.
Manners are unnecessary in the dinner that ANATOMICA offers.
Please entrust it to the sound and image.

Myspace: http://www.myspace.com/happysadcore 

LITH (fr)

First LITH's noise experiences began in the middle of 1995. David Valle, far from his first project, Semper Eadem (ambiant and neoclassical project), tried new styles, like ambiant and experimental industrial music.
after one year, LITH releases its first demo tape, 'urban symphony'. music was influenced by ambiant industrial and electronic music, and the themes are mainly nonsense and violence of human behaviors, pollution, destruction, war... these first ideological orientations give the tone which will follow in LITH's history .
a few weeks later, another demo tape is released, ' tribes'. it is published under a split tape ' rites and tribes' with JAMMERTAL, a ritual industrial music project by Thierry Robin (Skull in the Wall, Exotoendo). the music of ' tribes' is a kind of industrial tribal rhythmic music, based this time on the study of the human regroupings, like tribes, religious groups, mass revolutions, and a special title, ' toxic waste', treating of a real fact which has occurred in 1996, and which caused the evacuation of almost 2500 people.
after a few years of inactivity, time spent for sound research and study of human behaviors, 'a case of war' is released. this mini-album is the first mark of a new direction for LITH, leaving beside the atmospheric music to devote itself to the rhythmic music, but the result was not that discounted, and this change was put beside...
with the year 2000 comes 'aussterben', which is the real beginning of LITH in noise music. this album is a kind of compilation of the whole of the topics generally approached by LITH: genism, specism, lack of communication, nuclear power, acculturation and slavery. 'aussterben' is the real starting point of LITH, which gained somewhat in fame, enough to leave the shade. from this moment, the interest of the public for LITH was growing...
after 'aussterben', which was the first LITH's succes, came ' narcotic', the last production released on Sinik Department. like ' aussterben', the pieces treated human defects, specism, vivisection, pollution, war...
in April 2002 out of the first production Cd LITH, "Pylon", under the label Divine Comedy Records.
after two years of composing, collaborations and several lives, "Tribal End" is born. The main topic of this album is a "homage" to tribes and people disappeared or in way from extinction, holders of old knowledge of Nature.
beside to musical activity, LITH take part in certain anti-specists, anti-vivisectionnists campaigns or antinuclear, not as a leader, but as an actor...

Website: http://www.lithsite.net

wg@eet (nl)

Audio-visual electronica duo from The Hague, performing radio static laptop miniatures, sustained grit and blissful loopings. Their music sounds like a bleepy and more freaked out version of Boards of Canada, fanning from atmospheric soundscapes to hard uncontrolled spastic beats, thus creating soundtrack music for big city drop-outs.

WG@EET stands for 'We're Great At Everything Except This', and consists of film maker ShootingFootage and beat creator / sound morpher 0L4F. ShootingFootage makes experimental films where music and sound play an essential role. 0L4F composes electronica and played in Normally Invisible/,/ releasing several CDs and creating film music.

They met each other at the Association of New Film - and Television Makers. They pioneer since then under the name WG@EET and are to be found in the border areas of modern electronica. In their music a vigorous tension arises by the combination of /ShootingFootage's/ anarchistic, unfiltered and unforeseeable input and /OL4F's/ more structured and methodical approach.

Website: http://www.shootingfootage.net/wg.html

Copyright 2006 electr-ohm

6th Nov 2006 updated.